Ryan Van Der Vyver



Ryan is a professional Architect who studied, lived and worked in Cape Town South Africa. He recently joined the team at Footprint Architects in August 2015. Ryan qualified with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Cape Town and worked for 3 years with a large successful practice in the heart of the city. 

Ryan’s experience involved several projects, ranging in scope, scale and complexity. Ryan is as confident with the bespoke creation of a Visitor’s Center in a nature reserve as he is with exploring creative opportunities in low cost housing schemes. He spearheaded a proposal for a new services facility for the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town and independently supervised a team of technicians in a comprehensive drawing survey of the existing Victoria and Alfred Shopping Mall, creating a complex and living document in the process. 

Ryan’s strengths lie in his ability to design creatively and to develop the same into detailed documentation. He has seen several projects from sketch plan to development, detailed design and construction supervision, engaging as well with clients as with contractors in the process. 

Ryan’s passion for Architecture is enhanced from a belief in the power of good design to uplift and inspire people. He believes that architecture has a social responsibility to reflect the needs and aspirations of the people for whom it is built. This coupled with the artistic expression of the building through form, material and function should be combined to create spaces that are true to all the conditions of its context. 

Apart from architecture Ryan is also a passionate artist and sportsman. He continues to paint and play both cricket and rugby. Sport has taught him from a young age the value of working as a team, similarly team work is a critical component to the successful realisation of an architectural idea.