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We Are Footprint!

It’s all in our name. At Footprint Architects, we’re conscious that our work has a lasting impact on the world. The footprints we leave are sustainable, look beautiful, and a pleasure to live and work in. Less of a building, more of a legacy.


We leave no stone unturned, no angle or possibility unexamined. By being thorough and thoroughly committed to sustainable building, we’re confident our spaces will be appreciated by future generations as well as you. 

Our Team

Footprint Architects are an award-winning, RIBA Chartered Architectural practice based in Bournemouth. We design healthy, people-centred, genuinely sustainable buildings, spaces and places across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and The South.

Salisbury Passive House

Located within the historic location of Salisbury, Footprint architects were appointed to design this eco-friendly home focusing on affordable passive house principles to create a long lasting sustainable family home for the future

What We Do