We are a friendly team of architects motivated by great design and the difference this makes to the lives of people that occupy our buildings.  

We pride ourselves on our ingenuity in maximising value and identifying the small things that will make the difference to your project. 

We are inspired by contemporary design, the context and materiality of a place, and in dissolving the boundaries between inside and outside. We do this by manipulating daylight, extending space and framing views.

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8 Reasons Why Good Office Design Matters

8 Reasons Why Good Office Design Matters

Good office design really does make for a good day at the office. The days of the dark and drab cubicle offices have gone. Studies have shown it’s an important investment for any business looking to increase productivity, retain employee stress and attract new talent. You really can design in happiness when undertaking an office design or refurbishment by carefully considering some key design drivers from the outset. 1. Flexibility The best office design layouts create a sense of collaboration...
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What we do

We strive to find imaginative, inspirational design solutions that are of our time but rooted in the history and context of a place.

We love engaging with our clients to find a shared vision and develop a  narrative that is conceived in its context and achieves the brief.

Our unique buildings reflect the clients we work with and the people we design for.

We are interested in architecture and contemporary interventions that reflects our culture and time and particularly enjoy renewing, extending and refurbishing buildings. This is integral to our practice’s ethos in protecting resources and reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Our Process

We employ a mix of staff that have a unique skill set and who exemplify our ambition, creativity and desire for cost-effective, technically coherent and imaginative architecture.

We are experts in maximising the value of a project or site, achieving difficult planning permissions and finding solutions  to constrained sites.

We have the latest computer hardware and software at our disposal and 3D design, Virtual Reality, Building Information Modelling (BIM)  and animation are integral to our design process and allow clients to experience our buildings before they are built.

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