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Footprint Architects are award winning architects based in Bournemouth, Dorset with an extensive portfolio of new build homes, house extensions, school, community and commercial projects.





Frequently Asked Questions

A good architect will be able to do more than just draw your plans on a computer or decide what room goes where. The best architects will be able to see the potential where others don’t. They will consider every part of the design, applying creative and impartial thinking to a project, exploring how you live and what you want the spaces to feel like.

Who doesn’t want to get the most for their money? A good architect will help you make clever decisions that’ll help you achieve the end result you want on budget.

Efficient floor plans, cost-effective material selections and a collaborative design process will all help avoid costly changes during construction. In the long term an architect can save you money on utilities by designing a high performing house through expert material selection and meeting leading industry standards.

We are a friendly team of architects motivated by great design and the difference this makes to the lives of people that occupy our buildings.

We pride ourselves on our ingenuity in maximising value and identifying the small things that will make the difference to your project.

We are inspired by contemporary design, the context and materiality of a place, and in dissolving the boundaries between inside and outside. We do this by manipulating daylight, extending space and framing views.

We strive to find imaginative, inspirational design solutions that are of our time but rooted in the history and context of a place.

We love engaging with our clients to find a shared vision and develop a  narrative that is conceived in its context and achieves the brief.

Our unique buildings reflect the clients we work with and the people we design for.

We are interested in architecture and contemporary interventions that reflects our culture and time and particularly enjoy renewing, extending and refurbishing buildings. This is integral to our practice’s ethos in protecting resources and reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Yes! We are an RIBA Chartered Practice and listed on the Architects Registration Board ARB register. RIBA Chartered architects are subject to a statutory code of practice and have professional indemnity insurance. RIBA chartered practices are committed to life long learning, equality, ethical business practices and improving the environment. 

The practice director is also a RIBA Client Adviser. RIBA Client Advisers are selected by the RIBA for their all-round design experience, business knowledge and track-record of delivering results in construction projects.


This is dependent on many varying factors, including whether you are extending, renovating, converting or building a new home. There are also a number of different elements that will effect the outcome of cost, including varying site conditions, the age and existing condition of your property, history of the site, and more. 

It is common to quote square metre rates and whilst this is a good starting point, the overall project spend has to consider:

  • the specification of interior finishes and fixtures, which could double the cost of your project from a house of standard specification
  • abnormal site conditions – ground conditions, site access, drainage, tree roots etc.
  • legal and professional fees (including the cost of borrowing) and surveys
  • renewable energy investment

We have a wealth of experience from our varied projects completed over the last 10 years, so please feel free to contact us and we will be able to help you build a picture of the likely cost for your project.  There are also some great online resources and we’d recommend visiting the Home Building and Renovating website, which is a great place to start.

We have a 100% approval rate of planning applications in Dorset and Hampshire and have built great relationships with the planning officers as a result. Our great record of successful applications means we understand how to approach the process, but as with every project, the process differs from scheme to scheme.

We don’t ask for a lot of information, we prefer to gather the details of the project upon meeting with you and discussing the project, but ask that you have the following information to give us an idea:

  • Your name
  • Your preferred telephone/mobile number
  • Email address
  • Postcode of your project’s site
  • Type of project (extension, loft conversion, new build, refurbishment)

We then get in touch within 2 business days to discuss and arrange a meeting, then we can establish a brief and so forth. 

To better help your understanding of the construction process, we have put together a short guide about the planning process, you can download that above for free. We have also written a blog post about self building your own home, just click this link to view that.

Yes! As we mentioned above, we have a very successful planning approval rate, including a recent housing project in the New Forest National Park. If you would like to know more about this particular project, give us a call or email as we respect the client’s wish to keep the project offline. 

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