Flexible Design For Student Spaces

Flexibility is proving to be the key to productive workspaces.  Footprint Architects, along with Vita have used this ideology for the design of their latest University accommodation hub. Still under construction, the hub when completed will contain multiple elements of bespoke furniture, designed to accommodate different working styles and group sizes. The spaces aim to inspire through their creativity and ingenuity, combining both work and play to help create the ultimate student experience.

Each space was designed with a different approach towards group work, with consideration to how the space can be adapted to be multipurpose. Cleverly considering the varying requirements of both individual and group study, the ‘Huts’ are suggested zones to encourage students to gather within them. With a power supply, TV Screen and no fixed furniture, these spaces allow for complete flexibility to support any group study session. These spaces are just one of the many examples of intelligent furniture design that are evident throughout the scheme, stay up to date on progress with this project by following Footprint Architects on Instagram and Facebook @footprintarchitects, or check out the project on our website. https://www.footprintarchitects.co.uk/portfolio/portswood-road/