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Dominic Farrow

Part I Architectural Assistant

Dominic joined Footprint Architects in June 2021 after finishing his part 1 architecture degree at Arts University Bournemouth. During his time at AUB he researched sustainable manufacturing methods with 3D printed formwork. This exploration lead him to developing a system of recreating classical details in the form of columns. His third year project focused on the distribution of these columns viewing them as a teaching tool for the preservation of architectural history defining space and social interaction amongst them. The project revolved around a central building, a temple constructed with columns from many cultures. 

Other things he explored at university was his love for architectural model making in addition to making a series of tutorials for students to follow at home during the pandemic. 

Dominic also spends his time honing his skills for animation and 3D modelling. When relaxing he takes his dog, Leo for a walk and enjoys scale model making

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