Phoebe Harris

Part I Architectural Assistant


Phoebe joined Footprint Architects in September 2020 after graduating with a BSc from The Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University. Prior to this, she gained work experience with Footprint in 2014 and 2016. 
During her time at university she was able to develop her interest in carpentry and hands-on design when nominated as project manager for two student led projects. The theme of craft and an emphasis on joinery are prevalent in much of her work, complimented with an interest in timber construction and sustainable design. 
Her final third year project focussed on inter-generational education in the seaside town of Margate. The project offered a solution to two social issues simultaneously: abnormally high illiteracy rates in the local area and the national problem of an ageing population. Throughout her studies Phoebe has taken interest not only in educational architecture but also design that cares for the some of the most vulnerable members of society. 
Outside of work she enjoys taking her dog for beach walks. He’s called Wilf.