St. Paul’s Girls’ School, London

Teaching Emerging Technologies



As education architects with extensive experience in 3D modelling, visualisation and representation, Footprint Architects have been invited to collaborate with and teach at St. Paul’s School for Girls in London.

The ‘Emerging Technologies’ elective focused on creative 3D modelling, 3D scanning and reconstruction of both the exterior and interior of the school’s listed main building. The students’ ultimate goal was to re-create the school in 3D.

Using the latest technologies, tools and software workflows – some of which had been exclusively developed at Footprint Architects we managed to lead the course to a successful end, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Encho Rachev as the lead visiting teacher, developed a programme and provided weekly tutorials in order to introduce the students to the world of 3D, spatial thinking, architecture and cutting-edge digital tools such as high-end drones and 3D laser scanners.

The final result put together by Footprint Architects combines all individual models by the students within the reconstructed school environment into an immersive interactive computer game-like application which the team successfully presented in front of the whole school in the summer of 2019.

Behind The Scenes

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