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BH Live – Mountbatten Centre

Refurbishments + Alterations


Portsmouth, Hampshire

Footprint Architects have developed conceptual design proposals for interior refurbishment and rebranding of Mountbatten Leisure Centre and Wimbledon Park Sports Centre in Portsmouth, including a new entrance extension to the later. The schemes were part of a competition entry on behalf of BHLive for the management and improvement of the sports facilities in Portsmouth. Our conceptual proposals proved to be the most successful and secured the winning of the contract for BHLive.

As part of our vision for Mountbatten Leisure Centre, we have reconfigured the internal layout, proposed new materials and finishes, redesigned various public zones, improved the flow through the building and the access of light. The new entrance and gym extension to Wimbledon Park Sports Centre creates a public face for the building by echoing the surrounding dense residential context, while contrasting the existing in terms of materiality and opening up to the access car park.

Through our proposal we are striving to improve the quality of the buildings, whilst enhancing the user experience.

Behind The Scenes

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