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Bistro On The Beach

Sustainable mixed-use development on the Dorset coast


Bournemouth, Dorset

The scheme involves the removal and replacement of the existing dilapidated building, with a new, sensitive and sustainability-driven design that gives a new lease of life to seafront facilities.⠀

Bistro on the Beach has a high number of visitors during the summer months and sees major dips during the winter months. The aim of the scheme is to replace the current building with a slightly larger offering that attracts visitors year-round. The introduction of beach huts that can be used during winter months and a spa builds on the success of the existing facilities, improving the offer of the seafront at a level that is consistent with Southbourne and this part of the town.⠀

The building’s elongated horizontal form reflects traditional seaside architecture and the relationship between the horizon and the coastal cliff. Nestling within the site, the building features a rammed earth wall that grounds the building as a reflection of the sandy cliff and natural materials including a timber drum that signals arrival and provides a public entrance from the cliff and car park.⠀

Given the existing zigzag’s are too steep for wheelchair users, the introduction of a bridge that connects the car park to the building enables this area of the beach to be fully accessible for the first time. This proposal also enables the Bistro to have year-round custom with sheltered access directly from the car park as well as access to the overnight accommodation and spa retreat.⠀

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