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Bournemouth Office Development

Sustainable, new build development on top of an existing workplace


Bournemouth, Dorset

Having previously worked with the client on their private house, Footprint Architects were asked to develop a proposal for extending an office from their portfolio in Bournemouth.

The scheme seeks to extend the rooftop of the existing building set within a leafy area of Bournemouth town centre, creating more let able office space. The extension is a lightweight addition clad in timber to create an efficient and cost effective solution, so much of it can be fabricated off-site and craned into position, reducing disruption on the site, the existing office and the surrounding road network.

The timber cladding is intended to sit comfortably within the tree lined site as well as compliment the existing concrete building, whilst the form of the design reflects the stepped terrace style of the existing building with glazing lines mimicking those below.

Internally the office will be light and open plan with services located directly above the existing, to reduce impact on the existing building when extending.

Behind The Scenes

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