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Cotswold Lake House

Bespoke lakeside PassivHaus



Cotswold Lake House is a sustainable one-off home designed to maximise comfortable living areas with spacious and healthy living environments. The site is located on a beautiful plot with a lake side view, access to woodland walks and community social areas. Footprint Architects were commissioned to design this bespoke one-off eco-friendly house to Passiv standards, the aim and driver for the project was to deepen the connection of the site and the modern new build dwelling with large social areas. These would invite engagement with the outside areas whilst secluded areas promote a relaxing and comfortable resting environment. The brief required we strike a good balance with visibility and views whilst retaining privacy for the inhabitants.

The concept utilises the lithic design alphabet to create a core and wall concept to define screening/ privacy and utility areas leaving the social areas open to feel light and expansive with uninterrupted views of the lake and surrounding woodlands. This allowed us to hide the utility areas, decluttering the family areas and providing a clean, modern and sustainable living environment.

Our design process still remains grounded with sustainable features that carefully analyse the site, taking full advantage of existing features, such as the position of the sun and direction of the wind throughout the day and other dwellings. This approach to design allows us to explore healthy living spaces that supports sustainable design and meet passive house standards.

For more information on PassivHaus design visit our ethos page to find out how we are committed to taking action on the most pressing social and environmental issues.

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