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Dorset River House

Modern new build eco home



Dorset River house is a bespoke luxury dwelling with a beautiful River view on one side and Kayak slalom on the other. The views are surrounded by lush countryside and woodland walks. The house is set within an ecology focused and family orientated community. Footprint Architects were commissioned to design a modern eco house which provides amazing views over the water ways and enriching connections to the outside spaces with private family living. The project contains 5 bedrooms all with views of the water, a modern family room with tightly knit links to the social spaces of the kitchen and a roof top garden with rest and reflection spaces.

The design revolves around the concept of large planes, creating key areas within the dwelling. Timber forms are then inserted between the planes. The overhangs and recesses play with shadows, adding depth and life to the façade whilst providing key solar shading aspects to the dwelling. A minimal material palette has been used to break down the form with materials bringing an interesting contrast to the site. The use of grey render, burnt timber and zinc create a gentle tonal palette.

Our modern design process remains grounded with sustainable features that carefully analyse the site, taking full advantage of existing features, such as the position of the sun and direction of the wind throughout the day and other dwellings. This approach to design allows us to explore healthy living spaces that supports sustainable design and maximises efficient sustainable homes for the future, especially when thinking about building your own home.

For more information on sustainable design visit our ethos page to find out how we are committed to taking action on the most pressing social and environmental issues.

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