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Dorset Self Build

A sustainable self-build home in an area of outstanding natural beauty


Broadmayne, Dorset


Located in Dorchester this Passiv standard self-build dwelling is a sensitively designed project aimed at providing healthy living spaces, adaptive climate-controlled zones and multi-functional areas with outside connections. Footprint Architects were commissioned to design a new passive house located next to a sensitive SSSI in the rural countryside of Dorchester.

The proposed site is situated on an area of chalk bedrock, as is the geological make up of much of
the county. Historically, the chalk in this region has been used to construct cob walls, both
domestically and for agricultural buildings, throughout the village of Broadmayne and the
surrounding area. This material provided the groundwork for the concept informing our material choice and form.

The aim of the project was to create a highly efficient, low carbon replacement eco home that exceeds the building regulations and has a minimal impact on the surrounding context. The proposal achieves this by developing a form that responds to the site and surrounding AONB, by orientating and positioning rooms to maximise the environmental potential, whilst capturing key views. The double height volumes in the living space allow for a grand statement in the lounge and kitchen with stunning views out to the countryside.

The new modern eco-home maximises passive environmental design, through considered orientation and spatial planning, as well as building mass. The result is a sustainable home with improved thermal comfort, increased natural daylight and maximised natural ventilation. The design also features adaptive climate-controlled zones to reduce wasted heat. These design decisions have reduced the running costs and the reliance on carbon emitting energy, creating a dwelling that is sustainable for the future.

For more information on PassivHaus design visit our ethos page to find out how we are
committed to taking action on the most pressing social and environmental issues.

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