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Downton Primary School

A bright and inspirational expansion of a Grade II listed primary school


Downton, Wiltshire

Build Architecture Awards 2018
Salisbury Civic Society Commendation 2018

Following on from their award winning entrance pavilion extension and an external classroom at Downton Primary School, Footprint Architects have designed a contemporary new classroom development.

The two storey development provides additional KS2 classrooms, group space and ancillary accommodation for the primary school. The concept provides unique contemporary teaching spaces that allows the school to expand from a 1FE to a 1.5FE, yet ensuring that the overall communal feel of the existing school is not lost. The use of brick, clay roof tile and the gable form ties the proposal to the existing school, whilst contemporary detailing and Rodeca allows the school to be light, efficient and adaptable to modern teaching.

The design allows the school to become more flexible with its spaces. Internal bi-fold doors will allow the school to create an optional corridor within the main hall, therefore increasing required capacity for school assemblies and community events. This also allows the hall to remain private and undisturbed when being utilised for teaching.

‘We love the new part of the school because it is cosy and it feels like we are at home, this helps us with our learning.’ Year 6 Student

‘We love the large windows that give us a wonderful view and let the sunlight in’ Year 5 Student

‘It looks so smart, I feel really proud.’ Year 4 Student

Translucent glazing – Rodecca
Fixed furniture – Portsdown Office Limited

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