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Lambeth School

Technical design advisors for the development of three new London schools


Lambeth, London

Footprint Architects were appointed to develop control options and a schedule of areas for 3 schools in Lambeth.

The school’s in the programme consisted of the following:

St John’s Angell Town CofE Primary school – Replacement of a 1FE school and re-provision of a 4FE school on a new site
Woodmanster Primary School – New build 4FE primary school to replace the existing 2FE school on the same site.
Paxton Primary school – A new build 3FE primary school to replace the existing 1 FE school on the same site.
The control options were used as part of the Employer’s Requirements and tenders. Our role included the architectural review of tenders and Contractor’s Proposals, involvement with the reviewable design process, progress meeting and site inspections for the duration of the construction stage.

All schools utilised hybrid modular building techniques to deliver the schools including both modular and traditional construction techniques.

The final school in the programme was completed in April 2017.

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