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Mudeford PassivHaus

PassivHaus new build


This affordable new build Passivhaus is Footprints Architects latest in eco friendly house design. Located in the historic smuggling town of mudeford the client’s brief was to replace the existing chalet bungalow and provide a new sustainable home with a bold response to the site, filled with a strong narrative.
During the design process we reviewed the historical inspirations of Mudeford and Stanpit and its link to fishing and other environmental factors. We then developed a story around the sea and materials of the local area. Some influences came from buildings whilst other came from local items such as Stanpit marsh.

The design draws upon three elements local to Mudeford and the wider context of Stanpit and Christchurch to develop the form and materials. The first element is the fishing hut which links to the heritage of Stanpit/ Mudeford and the fishermen who inhabited the area. We explored the contemporary design of the fishing hut and the material palette of rough timber patterns which references the local and more modern beach huts in the area. The second element is the pier which we used to create a plane in the design breaking up the facade between the timber and brick. The third element is the stone sea wall spotted in the harbour opening of Mudeford adding a heavy grounded element to the design.

At the heart of our design process remains sustainable features that carefully analyse the site, taking full advantage of existing features, such as the position of the sun and direction of the wind throughout the day. For more information on PassivHuas design visit our ethos page to find out how we are committed to taking action on the most pressing social and environmental issues.

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