Portswood Road

University Accommodation Hub

Southampton, Hampshire

Footprint Architects were employed to design the Hub area for a new student accommodation block, working with VITA Student to provide social and working areas for foreign students in Southampton. 

The design is modern and open plan, to allow students the independence to use and adapt the space in a way that accommodates the needs of different students within the new accommodation block. The space incorporates various forms of study space, movie, common rooms and lounging areas for general socialising, and eating and gym facilities to overall provide students with the full university experience. 

modern bright student hub with colourful chairs and tables and plants and a tv and books and wood rafters on Portswood road
open plan modern student housing design with industrial exposed lighing and a bar table with red chairs and a tennis table
modern blue student hub with industrial lighting and red chairs at a high table and a pool table and exposed lightbulbs
modern open plan kitchen design for students with colourful chairs and hanging lights in southampton by footprint architects