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The Old Bakery

Refurbishment of an old bakery to an office



The Bakery - Historic Office Conversion

Located in the centre of Bournemouth, this historic Bakery building has been brought back to life after 50 years of use as a store room for a department store.

Footprint Architects were asked to resort the 2 storey building and convert the space into an independent office.

A minimal touch approach was taken to the restoration, ensuring the historic fabric of the building was retained and repaired with minimal changes to the originally features. The roof was insulated from above to retain the exposed ‘bakery charred’ ceiling kept in-situ. The existing dumbwaiter has been refurbished and the original steel workings have been revealed. Existing terrazzo flooring has been lovingly repaired and contrasted with new terrazzo tiles where required. The windows have been replaced with a thermally efficient heritage product and the exposed brickwork has been retained and sealed to ensure the history of the building can been kept on show.

Photography credit: James Bridle Photography
Instagram: @Jamesbridlephoto

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