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Woodroffe School

Integrating a modern teaching facility into challenging site


Lyme Regis, Dorset

Woodroffe is a high achieving state secondary school encouraging passion and motivation in each subject area. The school promotes a learning environment which is both safe and welcoming to all. This vision is supported by state of the art facilities throughout the campus. Education design is one of Footprint Architects most established sectors. Our specialist team of education Architects have considerable experience in delivering highly successful innovative educational spaces.

The existing school and proposal is situated on a steeply sloping site making it a highly sensitive, busy and constraint site. This has directly informed the design, programme and risk analysis of the project, ensuring the safety of the school remained operational at all times.

The new school building is for a a new 512m2 teaching block to replace the existing facilities currently provided within the ROSLA Block. Including library resource centre to ground floor & general classrooms to the first floor. With funding from the government's Priority School Building Programme which targets the needs of schools most in need of urgent repair.

Footprint Architects acting as the lead designer for co-ordination of the design team as well as carrying out CDM role of principle designer supporting the contractor through the whole process.

The newly completed school building is effectively integrated into the existing school campus. The new building has been designed to reflect the scale and massing of the existing teaching blocks, as well as the rhythm of the surrounding context. Creating an Enhanced environmental experience for the all who work within its walls

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