We love getting creative with office and workplace design as we know how much time people spend at work. Recycling and refreshing old buildings sits well with our company ethos to reuse resources and minimise the impact of our footprint. We have completed several projects for some global brands and forward thinking clients who recognised the importance of the workplace environment in helping to increase productivity, retain employees, reduce stress and attract new talent whilst communicating their brand identity.

Some of our recent projects...

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Our experience on workplace projects means we have understood what works for good office design. We understand what employees enjoy, how alertness and motivation can be maintained, the importance of mental and physical health in the workplace, and more. We’ve written a short guide covering those topics. Please feel free to download it and make the most of our tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best office design layouts create a sense of collaboration and creativity by designing in large, open plan spaces. Don’t create a physical barrier with desks or partitions but remember everyone is unique and works differently, so its important to design an office that allows multiple working styles. 

Please view our workplace/office projects for more information and be sure to read our blog about how you can achieve great office design, here. Also, please do get in touch to discuss your project!

Colour is such an easy and inexpensive way to transform a space.  Paint the walls, add come coloured chairs and some contemporary desks. Yellow makes us feel optimistic and is a great choice for high energy, creative spaces although too much can make you feel angry. Red boosts heart rate and can keep night workers alert whereas green promotes harmony whilst boosting creativity. Blue is calming and encourages a sense of trust, communication and efficiency. You can view how colours have a positive impact on a space on our recent LUSH office refurbishment project, here.