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Gabriella Rodrigues

Part I Architectural Assistant

Gabriella joined Footprint Architects in October 2023 after graduating with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of The Witswatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. During which she enjoyed conceptual design through model-making and hand drawing, and researching the social impact of public buildings in the local South African context.

Her final project focused on redesigning a public space library as part of an on-going urban regeneration project in the town she grew up in. The projects main aims were to create a safe space for people to exist in and to get young people off the often dangerous streets that affect their livelihoods. This was done through biophilic design principles to promote an inviting and peaceful atmosphere. The library was designed in reclaimed masonry from the existing site and clay used from the surrounding mining dumps. Reclaiming materials from the local context to reflect the areas unique identity is not only a sustainable approach but one she feels all built environment projects should adapt.

When not thinking about architecture she is planning trips around the world, running, cooking or reading.

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