Chestnut Nursery

New build garden centre

Poole, Dorset

Chestnut Nursery is a registered charity and a project of SWOP, Sheltered Work Opportunities Project, which provides meaningful work in a supportive and pressure-free environment, for adults with enduring mental illness. SWOP aims to use the therapeutic nature of horticulture to restore mental well-being.

Footprint Architects were asked to design and develop a new retail garden centre for employees to work in a warm comfortable environment, whilst providing a high quality area for displaying the centres goods for customers.

The building design is built up of 3 layers or wrapping, the first being a layer of gabion stone walls to create a secure safe structure for staff to work in, the second is a glazed element of 3 colours reflecting the Buddleia Seedlings the site was originally covered in, whilst also reflecting positive colours for retail sales, and the final layer is Sweet Chestnut Cladding to bring warmth and comfort to the shop. The design brings an agricultural response to the site using natural materials and stripped back detailing to provide an existing yet cost effective solution to the client

Due to start on site Summer 2018