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Carbon Zero

The construction industry produces a large proportion of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions. As architects we have a responsibility, and a great opportunity, to reduce them.

Footprint Architects are committed to delivering a net zero future. We believe the most effective way to achieve carbon zero is to design to Passivhaus standards, put fabric first and using materials with low embodied energy.

Whats is a carbon neutral building?

A carbon neutral building is when carbon or greenhouse gas emissions are minimised at all stages - including design, construction and throughout use. Any emissions are offset by climate-positive measures, such as solar panels or materials that store carbon, so that over time the result is a carbon zero building.

4 Steps to achieving carbon zero

  • Set a clear target at an early design stage.

  • Reuse where possible. Making use of existing site features, structures or materials.

  • Select materials and energy sources that have low embodied energy.

  • Offset any emissions using renewable energy sources, such as solar panels.

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